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Privacy policy


R2BBS will always be upfront about what we do with your data – we are committed to treating it with respect and keeping it safe.   This privacy statement explains how we do this and how you can make sure we do. 

R2BBS is the sole ‘Data Controller’ of your information. This means that we determine the purpose and way your information is used. We will never sell your personal information or share it with another organisation for their own purposes. 

You may contact us by emailing or call 01323 446644

Information we collect

We collect information when you give it to us by: 

Email (directly or via our website or Facebook page), 

Social Media (eg Facebook) personal message 

Reply to a post on social media (eg Facebook ) 

Telephone call 

Face to face 

We only ever collect and hold information about you that is relevant to your relationship with us.  This includes:  

Contact details (name, email address, phone number, street address, FB/Messenger contact) 

Record of correspondence and the services you are interested in 

Record of your meeting, location and services provided 

Billing and payment information  

IP Address

How we use the information

We use your personal information to arrange an appointment to visit you or to complete the sale of the service you have expressed an interest in and will keep a record of them for 3 years.  We will do this on the basis of legitimate Interest.  

Processing will include:  

Arranging an appointment 

Emailing you a quote  

Emailing you an invoice 

Retargeting adverts

Social media

We also use social media to promote our business.  Individuals are free to engage with our social media posts or can choose not to see them. 

Google Analytics:  

We use google analytics to help us to understand how our customers interact with our website the information stored in google analytics includes your IP Address, whether you are a first time user, what pages you visited, and what part of the world you are in. This information will be automatically deleted 26 months after your visit. Google analytics does not give us access to your email address, home address, or name. 

We use google analytics to serve retargeted adverts

Sharing and disclosure

We rely on the use of services from third parties to provide our work.   

Wherever possible we aim to user services that keep your details within the EEA: 

To host, process and store emails, documents, communications, diaries; 

To host and manage our website; 

To provide content on Social media ie Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – pages and messenger 

To manage our accounts, receipts and payments. 

If required to by law we may need to disclose your details – to the police, regulatory bodies, or legal advisors. We will only do this in response to a valid request in compliance with UK law. 

How we keep your data safe

We ensure that there are reasonable and appropriate technical controls in place to protect your personal details. 

We use secure Wi-Fi and trusted software to hold and process your data. We store all files and data protected by password and authentication where available.     

We ensure our mobile devices are encrypted, and password protected.   

Your rights

You may ask us at any time to correct data you think we may have inaccurate; 

You may ask us to limit what we do with your data or to delete it altogether. 

You may request a copy of the data we hold about you.  

To do this email or call 01323 446644

If you have a concern about our use of your personal data, please let us know and we will try to address the problem where we are free to do so.   

You can also contact the Information Commissioners Office here: 

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