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store owner in front of shop

Please accept my thanks for dealing with this situation. Whilst not of my making, it was a stressful experience made tolerable and manageable by your experienced handling of the issues arising.  

Having the matter of the dissolution (company) resolved and the HSBC (personal guarantee) satisfied is a great relief and now I can move on with my new business. 

Mr V

Alan was very conscious of my predicament and, because of his background in finance, fully understood my situation and at all times his professionalism was unsurpassed.
Mr M
I cannot stress enough how it was worth every penny. You cannot place a cost on not only the knowledge Darran supplied, but also the kind, and reassuring manner of a specialist who will do everything to ensure your transition through these processes are as painless as possible.
Ms D
When Alan Oatham arrived at my yard he explained how he could help me, he saved me from a nervous breakdown. Alan took his time explaining how he was going to help me. Making sure I understood stage by stage. Alan done me proud.
Mr E

It may sound like a cliché but I genuinely cannot recommend R2B enough – their help, support and intervention during the most difficult period my business had to face was, for me, quite simply life-saving. At a time when I felt completely hopeless, despairing and could not see any way out, being introduced to Alan from R2B suddenly felt as though I had been thrown a life-belt just before drowning and going under.

His extensive knowledge, advice and non-judgmental professionalism instantly gave me reassurance, clarity and confidence and helped guide me to a way out of my business problems. His support and solutions have not only helped me with what seemed like an insurmountable crisis but, moreover, given me a positive way forward in which I am now running a successful business again.

Alan’s constant support was invaluable – whenever I had (frequent!) doubts, worries, queries or concerns, he would unfailingly get back to me with a promptness which exceeded all my expectations and calmed me on many an occasion. He was always flexible, friendly and understanding as well as efficient and effective.

Thank you Alan and R2B Business Solutions, in fact, I cannot thank you enough – you have enabled me to continue being in business, stronger and better than ever.

Mr S

Construction workers on building site

When Alan Oatham arrived at my yard he explained how he could help me, he saved me from a nervous breakdown.  Alan took his time explaining how he was going to help me.  Making sure I understood stage by stage. Alan done me proud.  

Mr G

I was extremely impressed with the way that Darran handled my case. Not only was this dealt with in a professional manner but also discretely & efficiently.
Mr B
We found Alan to be very understanding and very helpful. The worry and the pressure we were under was eased instantly, which enabled us to see things more clearly and made the situation easier to deal with.
Mr K
My only regret is not doing it sooner……
Mr P

Three years ago I received a completely overinflated Self Assessment demand from HMRC which bore no relation to my earnings or financial position and caused considerable worry and stress to me and my partner.

Darran Hathaway was recommended to me as someone who could discuss potential solutions and assist me in finding a way forward from an alarming situation. From my first meeting with Darran I felt reassured and felt that his advice was excellent and came from considerable experience in resolving business difficulties for his clients.

Darran guided me through my problems with understanding, excellent advice and always with a friendly and reassuring manner. Darran’s advice on how to deal with HMRC led to the best possible conclusion for my circumstances and my business, I am immensely thankful for his help, support, and professionalism.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Darran Hathaway to anyone who is having problems with their business or financial matters and needs to discuss ways forward to a positive resolution.

Mr G

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